Help At Hand Home Services provides home reviews on a monthly, weekly, or one time basis.  Offering you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is cared for by a professional.

If maintenance issues are detected, we can arrange for trained service technicians to make whatever repairs are necessary.

Piled up newspapers and phone books are red flags for burglars and vandals.  Storms can cause broken branches and fallen trees to damage your home. Termites and pack rats can go unchecked causing untold damage.  Don't leave your home unattended during your absence.

Air Conditioning & Heating

Indoor Plant Care

Carpet & Window Coverings

Windows, Doors & Ceilings

Appliances & Plumbing

Visible Evidence of Leaks
Paint & Structure

Fences & Gates

Garages & Carports


Pest Control

Pools & Spas

Home Watching Service

Check For Signs of Vandalism

Check For Weather Damage

Check For Insect Infestations

Check For Evidence Of Packrats

Remove Door Hangers, Papers, Etc.

Run Washing Machine

Flush Toilets

Change Light Timers

Run Dishwasher & Garbage Disposal

Check Door & Window Locks

Check Water Heater 

Check Inside Cabinets

Check HVAC Filters

Professional & Affordable services call us for details or click here to submit an inquiry.

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